Female Leadership Professional Development Programs

Lead, Engage, Achieve, Promote

The LEAP program is designed for newly appointed to less than 5 years experience in a management position.

Lead, Engage, Achieve, Develop

The LEAD program is designed for graduates of the PDMP+ or females who have held a management positions for 5 years or more.

Key Program Outcomes:

  • Building personal and group leadership capability
  • Engage in experiential and didactic learning to encourage purpose driven commitment to leadership outcomes
  • Create an interactive community of leading women who are supportive of themselves, each other and those who follow them
  • Foster an environment of collaboration and sharing amongst the stakeholder organisations
  • Promote the roles of female leaders in sport
  • Connect with an assigned mentor to assist with your leadership journey

Over a three-month period, with four specially sequenced training days, you will be exposed to a range of leadership development opportunities. The LEAP program has been developed by Vicsport in conjunction with Mad4Leaders and the State Government of Victoria for the specific purpose of enhancing the capacity, availability and performance of female leaders in the Victorian sporting industry. Your career progression and leadership aspirations will be significantly improved by your participation in the LEAP Program.

The Mad4Leaders’ philosophical approach is centred on building effective leaders from the inside out. In order to create the results that you wish to create, you first need to understand the behaviours that you utilise to create those results, and the beliefs that underpin those behaviours. Success in leadership is most significant, and sustainable, when it incorporates your ability to be accountable and responsible for your own level of development and insight.

You will participate in processes designed to enhance your understanding of yourself and others, you will engage in conversations and forums that will expand your ability to communicate, to think and to bring mindfulness and attention to your interactions and aspirations. You will be exposed to leading figures in both sporting and wider business arenas, and you will have an opportunity to learn from and observe those who have walked the path ahead of you to support the development of your own skills and ability. You will also be required to participate in the delivery of a project that has at its core, the “making a difference” to someone, something, or a group of people within your community. You will receive mentoring support in the delivery of this project, the culmination of which will coincide with your graduation at a special celebration of your achievements.

For further information on the LEAP Program, click here.

For further information on the LEAD Program, click here.

Key Dates:





1 & 2

1 & 2 June 2017

1 & 2 June 2017


Day 1: 10am - 5pm

Day 2: 9am - 4pm


18 July 2017

4 July 2017



29 August 2017

29 August 2017



Both programs have been structured to be as low cost as possible.

LEAP - $750

LEAD - $750

Program fees include:

  • Three days of expertly facilitated program content
  • Graduation Ceremony (including a complimentary guest ticket)
  • Resource materials
  • Overnight Accommodation (Day 1 and 2 are a residential component)
  • Dinner on day 1


  • Breakfast and drinks at dinner are not included in the residential component.
  • Travel, car parking and transport costs are the participants expense


The application process has been developed with you in mind. Please click on the links below to complete the online application process. Response space has been limited to providing brief information (dot points are acceptable).

Click here to complete the online LEAP Application Form

Click here to complete the online LEAD Application Form

Applications close: Close of Business - 16 May 2017

Your acceptance onto the program is based on your completion of the Application Form. For further information regarding the programs, please do not hesitate to contact:

Meghan Mayman

General Manager, Vicsport


9698 8108

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