Bring your showcase events to the big screen with My Sport Live

Looking for a way to increase the exposure of your sporting organisation’s awards or presentation night? Perhaps you have an AGM or a forum that you are looking to make more accessible for a broad range of stakeholders? If this is the case, look no further than My Sport Live.

Over the past three years, My Sport Live has provided an outlet for sports organisations and event promoters to stream live events online.

Designed to target sporting events, My Sport Live has consistently delivered an end-to-end service that takes the action from the field of play right into the living room of the sports consumer; providing viewers with a high quality viewing experience using the latest video technology.

While the organisation’s reputation for broadcasting the on-field action is well renowned, My Sport Live’s streaming and production services extend beyond the notion of simply streaming sporting events.

In recent years, the company has assisted a number of sporting organisations in bringing their showpiece events such as awards and presentation nights, AGMs, panel shows and forums to the big screen.

My Sport Live Managing Director Andrew Weiss said there was an increasing trend of sporting organisations turning to live streaming to increase accessibility of important events to their stakeholders.

“Having worked with many sporting organisations, we have a first-hand understanding of the benefits that come from streaming off-field events,” Weiss said.

“There seems to be a perception within the sporting community that many would like to live stream their events to an online audience, but logistical and financial concerns often put paid to those aspirations.

“While we have streamed a number of larger scale events covering a wide range of areas including the Victorian Sport Awards for the past four years, stakeholder forums for national and state sporting organisations, presentation nights for the Australian Karting Championship and Hockey Victoria AGMs, the reality is that doing this for smaller sporting organisations is just as applicable and much more affordable than some may realise.

“Many sports organisations have used live streaming as a way to increase the exposure of their respective sponsors or partners, while others have used it as a way to engage members, clubs and associations from regional areas that would otherwise not be able to attend a forum or AGM in a metropolitan area due to travel distances.

“My Sport Live is committed to working with sporting organisations of any size to tailor a package to suit your needs and your budget - whether it be live streaming these events, filming them in full or putting a highlights package together to showcase the important aspects of each event.”

If your sporting organisation is looking for a practical and cost-effective avenue to get the most out of it’s key off-field events, contact My Sport Live Managing Director Andrew Weiss on 0402 447 783 or via email,

We encourage you to check out some of My Sport Live’s work to get an idea of how live streaming your next event can work for you!

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