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Students Get an Inside Look at the Sport Industry

What does it take to stand out in this highly competitive sports industry? What can graduates do to separate themselves from the thousands of other job seekers all vying for similar positions?

The fifty plus attendees at the recently held Vicsport Professionals Network (VPN) event Standing Out From The Crowd received an inside look into the sports industry from three highly respected Sports Administrators from within the industry. Attendees were made up of a variety of institutions and included Sport Development, Exercise & Sport Science, and Sport Management students as well as a number of individuals wanting to transition into the sport industry.

The three speaker for the evening were Ros Holding, Global Recruitment Consultant from Sportspeople, Bron Madigan, Managing Director of Dynamix Sport Projects, and Matthew Kennedy, CEO of Tennis Victoria. Each speaker brought with them their own area of expertise. Ros focused on the job application process including resumes and cover letters, and what to be prepared for when entering the industry. Bron, being a business owner, has become an experienced networker and as such, spoke about the value of making connections in the sports industry. Matthew spoke from the sport CEO perspective, outlining key attributes he seeks in employees, and the values he and is team work with.

Ros was our first speaker, giving students an inside look at recruitment trends, and what students need to do to get a start in the industry. Amongst this advice was for students to start thinking about jobs that may not necessarily exist yet. The industry is ever changing and students need to be willing to adapt to these changes. Additionally, students were made aware of the fact that a full-time role will not always be their first job. In fact many young administrators will hold multiple part time positions at a variety of organisations. This gives these young administrators a great opportunity to gain experience in a variety of positions, gaining new skills and expanding their network, something we know is essential in this industry.

Bron was next up to the plate, with her main messages focused around networking, and how to get the most out of your career. Her top five tips for students in the room were:

  • Your first job does not define your career!
  • Plan ahead - 1, 3, 5 years (Learn more about this at our next event: Creating Your Vision - with Leigh Russell)
  • Don't stop volunteering
  • Don't stop studying
  • Be Brave

Our final speaker was Matthew. He spoke from from his perspective as a State Sport Association CEO, and what he expects, and wants to see from his employees. His five key points to students were:

  • Know and tell your story/s - Tell the employer what drives you, what makes this position right for you.
  • Think and talk whole of company
  • Positively contribute to a good culture
  • Find and nurture a specific industry interest
  • Hit deadlines - do it right, on time (or earlier) when you said you would…when you were asked & agreed

The speakers presentations were rounded out with a Q&A session with the attendees, where students took the opportunity to ask about the best way to transition, and get a start in the sport industry. All three speakers agreed that you can never do enough volunteering. The more experience you get under your belt the better off you will be.

The session finished with attendees enjoying some light refreshments whilst having the opportunity to continue the conversation with the three presenters.

The winner of the 1-on-1 consultation with a Sportspeople consultant was VPN member, Cindy Nitsos. This comes at a great time for Cindy who is currently transitioning into the sport industry.

Vicsport would again like to thank Katie Rowe and Deakin University for hosting the event, and our three presenters, Ros Holding, Bron Madigan and Matthew Kennedy.

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