Congratulations to the following Vicsport Professsionals Network (VPN) winners.  These lucky members were drawn from those who completed our recent VPN survey:

  • Jason Slater
  • Matthew Brown
  • Chelsea Caple
  • Ken Barton
  • Andrew Tomlinson
  • Steve Walker
  • Helen Hillard
  • Anton Shapiro
  • Warwick Waters
  • Phillip Chan
  • Ellie Pietsch
  • Emma Gallagher
  • Simon Blundell.

All winners have all been notified.  If your name appears above and you did not receive notification please contact Vicsport.

Thanks again to everyone who completed the survey.   Your feedback is highly valued as we endeavour to improve the VPN program and make it as beneficial as possible for our members.

Please feel free to contact Vicsport at any time on 9926 1376 or send an email to and provide any feedback, questions or suggestions you may have about the membership program including workshops or events you would like to attend.

VPN membership is all about YOU so if there’s anything we can do to make the experience more beneficial we encourage you to let us know your thoughts.

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