Hockey Victoria breaks new ground with live streaming

Did you know that in 2015, Hockey Victoria (HV) has had one fixture per round of its’ Premier League season live-streamed?

Together with HV and the Premier League clubs, My Sport Live (MSL) has streamed a men’s and women’s match each week throughout the season – with each club in the competition having a home round broadcast.

The initiative which was introduced by HV (and will continue in 2016 and 2017) has had a tremendous buy-in from the entire hockey community.

The 14 streams so far throughout the 2015 season have averaged nearly 6,000 views per round with almost 1,200 unique viewers tuning in every weekend.

Clubs were also given the opportunity to have television advertisements created for their major sponsors – with ads being given airtime each week.

The initiative has provided HV with the opportunity to self promote through a number of means including Feature Segments in the broadcast, which have enabled them to showcase all areas within the sport – from female participation and inclusion, to different formats of competition, coaching & officiating as well as junior competition (just to name a few).

A tight team of HV staff, program hosts and MSL staff have worked together each week to continue to grow and develop the product throughout the season.

A promotional video and highlights package are put together in the lead up to and post each round, and these are circulated through HV’s social media channels, attracting high engagement across those platforms.

The highlights video is also distributed across the Leader Newspaper digital platform.

The final round of the home and away season will be broadcast on Sunday 23 August – with three weeks of finals to be streamed direct from the State Netball Hockey Centre following on from that.

HV also had its Annual General Meeting streamed live in 2015 which nearly 100 people tuned in to watch.

If you would like to discuss how live streaming your sport can help benefit your organisation, feel free to contact Andrew Weiss on 0402 447 783 to discuss further!

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