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  • Making Ideas Happen Workshop, Tuesday 28 April, at Royal College of Surgeons.
  • Learn how to turn forward thinking ideas into innovative products, services and programs that provide new revenue streams, are built on available resources and that members will love.
  • Discover how to reduce the risks associated with launching new products and services, and increase engagement with your target audience using the Lean Startup methodology
  • Participate in a practical, action learning activity that will show you how to test new concepts simply and effectively, and discover invaluable ways you can make things better.

If we want to effectively respond to the changing business of community sport, and get more Victorians physically active, generating new and innovative ideas is just a starting point. We also need to be able to turn these ideas into financially viable products, services and programs that are feasible to deliver, attract new participants and engage existing members.

The Making Ideas Happen workshop will introduce participants to the theory and practices of Lean Startup - a method for creating and sustaining innovation, and a system for developing a business, product or service in the most efficient way possible to reduce the risk of failure.

Lean Startup “helps you to get good at answering two critical questions:

  1. Should we build this new product or service?, and
  2. How can we increase our odds of success in this new thing?”

 - Sarah Milstein, co-founder Lean Startup Productions

At the Making Ideas Happen workshop, participants will be taken through an action learning process to demonstrate how to apply the Lean Startup methodology to any new idea and:

  • identify the biggest risks associated with developing and launching a new product or service
  • develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to test assumptions and increase the desirability, feasibility and viability of new offerings
  • reveal invaluable insights to make your ideas bigger and better

This workshop will help participants to develop a business case for new offerings using the Business Model Canvas, and grow their capability to transform ideas and concepts into desirable, viable and feasible products, services and programs that get more people active through sport.

The Concept Development Made Easy workshop runs from 8:30am – 12:30pm on Tuesday 28 April at the Royal College of Surgeons.

Who Should Attend?

Sport industry management and professional staff responsible for developing, testing and improving products, services and programs aimed at getting more people active through sport.

Cost and Registration

Activities in Vicsport’s Forward Thinking Series are offered free of charge but space is strictly limited. Sessions are likely to be oversubscribed and participants are encouraged to register ASAP.

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Vicsport Forward Thinking Series

The Making Ideas Happen Workshop is part of Vicsport’s Forward Thinking Series, delivered with support from VicHealth. The series provides a range of innovative events aimed at building industry capability to respond to the rapidly changing business of community sport and ways to get more people active through sport.

Learn more about Vicsport’s Forward Thinking Series

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Session Details

Concept Development Made Easy

Date: Tuesday April 28, 2015
Time:  8:30–12:30
Venue:  Royal College of Surgeons, 250-290 Spring St, East Melbourne (adjacent to Parliament Station)
Cost: Free, but places are strictly limited

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