Are you on Board?

Did you know?

  • Women hold 33% of all Victorian State Sport Association (SSA) board positions
  • 34% of all SSAs have 1 or no women on their board
  • 14% of all Chair/President positions are held by women

Vicsport has developed the ‘Are You on Board?’ (AYOB) campaign to support conversation and action around diversity and inclusion within Victorian sport. The campaign aims to raise awareness and assist State Sport Associations, Clubs, Leagues and Associations to spread the message about the benefits of diversity and inclusion to Victorian sport.

This campaign encourages you to take the lead and embrace and encourage diversity within your organisation to achieve the best results for your sport.

As part of the Campaign, Vicsport created and compiled tools to help SSA CEOs, Presidents and Board Members to put gender diversity on the agenda and take action. Since its release, the initial AYOB clip has been viewed hundreds of times and is now embedded into all Vicsport board training offerings. The three new videos follow on from the initial campaign and highlight the benefits of diversity and inclusion through:

  • The benefits of diversity on committees in grassroots sport
  • The benefits to clubs and associations of strengthening welcoming and inclusive practice
  • The benefits of being involved in sport for people with a disability

As with the initial Campaign, each clip is supported by a Call to Action outlining simple steps that clubs and associations can undertake to initiate or continue their inclusion journey.

This next phase in the campaign aims to provide an impetus for grassroots sporting organisations to initiate or continue the conversation around diversity and inclusion by clearly outlining the benefits for individuals, sport and the community.

Clip 1: Why Have A Diverse Committee?

Clip 2: Why Should Your Club Be Inclusive?

Clip 3: What’s In It For Me?

  • 50.6% of Australia population is female
  • Only 8% of females aged over 15 are involved in organised sport or physical activity in a non-playing capacity
  • Research shows that organisations with a diverse board perform better
  • People with a disability represent 18.5% of the Australian population
  • Many people with a disability do not regard their impairment as a major reason for not participating
  • Your club can be inclusive by having integrated pathways for everyone who wishes to participate
  • 23.7% of people with a disability participate in sport and recreation compared to 68.1% of the general population
  • Sport is excellent for building confidence and connecting with the community
  • 96.7% of individuals seed sport & recreation as important for people with a disability to achieve health and wellbeing goals

What Now?

Vicsport encourages you to develop an action plan around this issue by following the five steps outlined in the supporting “Call to Action”:

  1. Have the conversation about diversity and inclusion your next board or committee meeting. Ensure it is on the agenda.
  2. Publicly commit to addressing the issue via your newsletters, website and social media outlets!
  3. Set goals for diversity and inclusion and a timeframe to achieve it.
  4. Actively encourage and develop and welcoming and inclusive culture within your organisation.
  5. Make it part of your ongoing, core business.

You can download the full ‘Call to Action’ below, which includes suggested strategies and partners to assist you in taking these steps.

Click here to download


  • You are in a position to embrace and encourage diversity and inclusion within your organisation to achieve the best results for your sport.
  • Lead from the front diversity and inclusion at all levels of your organisation benefits decision making and participation growth
  • You are the voice and momentum to improve diversity in sport.
  • Your sport should reflect the community you wish to service.


The following resources have been developed by Vicsport or gathered from other sources to support sports addressing gender diversity on their boards.

Are You On Board e-news articles

Experience and perceptions of female Directors

Research has revealed that women face a number of complex barriers that may hinder their advancement into leadership roles and representation on governing boards. Female directors were asked to reflect on their own experiences and perceptions of these commonly reported issues in order to inform future strategies to overcome these.

The following fact sheets provide a valuable insight into these key issues, practical recommendations for individuals and for organisations wishing to improve gender diversity on boards not to mention some very inspirational stories.

Government Partners

Preferred Suppliers