2023 VAILO Volunteer of the Year

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Nominations for the 2023 Victorian Sport Awards are now open until 11.59pm 1 March.

This award recognises a volunteer of the Victorian sport and active recreation community who has made a positive difference to the opportunities and experiences available to others during 2023. They could be a volunteer administrator, official, umpire or coach, who has provided support, encouragement or inspiration through hard work; often through self-sacrifice and without personal gain.


To be eligible to be considered in this category, the nominee must:

  • Be recognised by the club, State or National Sporting body
  • Not be paid for their volunteering activities (Note: reimbursement of expenses does not constitute payment)

Selection Criteria:

  1. Position held within the club/association/state sporting association/regional sports assembly
  2. The impact of the work completed within their organisation
  3. The impact of the work to the broader community

Selection Process & Voting:

For all information regarding selection and voting processes, return to the 2023 nominations information page here.

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All nominees for the Victorian Sport Awards will be required to fulfill the following eligibility criteria:

All nominees must be considered as a Victorian in order to be eligible for any award.

To be considered as a Victorian, your nominee must fulfill either requirement (1) OR (2). Please “tick” the criteria below as relevant to your nominee:

Nominee Selection Criteria

The Volunteer of the Year award recognises the exceptional contribution made by a volunteer to the Victorian sport and active recreation community in 2023. Note, they must not be paid for their volunteering activities (reimbursement of expenses does not constitute payment). Please note only achievements from January 1 2023 to December 31 2023 will be considered. Please select the appropriate boxes below and answer one or all of the remaining 3 questions in 200 words or less per question (note: submissions over 200 words may not be accepted).


Previous Winners:

2022 Harry Saltis Taekwondo
2021 Rachael Rylance Life Saving
2020 Richard Lawysz Athletics
2019 Athena Babo Football
2018 Elaine Duyvestyn Softball
2017 Alexander (Sandy) Frame
2016 George Halkias Football
2015 Peter Cullen Reclink Australia
2014 Beverley Gaudion Calisthenics
2013 Geoffrey McCraw Australian Rules Football

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