2023 Involve Masters Athlete of the Year

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Nominations for the 2023 Victorian Sport Awards are now closed

This award is open to Victorian Masters athletes or teams who have achieved outstanding results in respect to their performances at a national and/or international level during the 2023 year.


To be eligible to be considered in this category, the nominee must:

  • Have competed in Masters level competition as classified by each sport

Selection Criteria:

  1. Results and performance
  2. Level of competition – national and/or international

Selection Process & Voting:

For all information regarding selection and voting processes, return to the 2023 nominations information page here.

Previous Winners

2022 Jarrod Broadbent Tennis
2021 Samantha Barrow Life Saving
2020 N/A N/A
2019 Mark Thompson Swimming
2018 Anna Davis Road Cycling
2017 Linley Frame Swimming
2016 John Cocks Swimming
2015 Glenn Busby Tennis
2014 Ken Murley Triathlon
2013 Jessica Laws Cycling
2012 Marilyn Luck Ten Pin Bowling
2011 Janette Jeffrey Swimming
2010 Lavinia Petrie Athletics
2009 Megan Marsh Cycling
2008 Elizabeth Randall Cycling
2007 Darren King Cycling
2006 Carol Cooke Swimming
2005 Robert Butcher Lifesaving
2004 Colin McCurry Athletics
2003 Pearl Heenan Diving
2002 Bernard Michael Jonston Athletics
2001 Malcolm Hill Cycling
2000 Lavinia Petrie Athletics
1999 Russell Fletcher Swimming
1998 Dianne Ricardo Squash
1997 Shirley Viner Orienteering
1996 Margaret Murphy Golf

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