2023 Kitty McEwan Award

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Nominations for the 2023 Victorian Sport Awards are now closed.

This award recognises a Victorian individual athlete who has achieved outstanding results in respect to performance/s at a national/international level in the female category during the 2023 year.


To be eligible to be considered in this category, the nominee must:

  • Have competed in national and/or international level competition
  • Identify as a female/woman and/or competes within a female competition/division

Selection Criteria:

  1. Results and performance
  2. Level of competition – national and/or international

Selection Process & Voting:

For all information regarding selection and voting processes, return to the 2023 nominations information page here.

Previous Winners:

2022 Jakara Anthony Mogul Skiing
2021 Elizabeth Watson Netball
2020 N/A N/A
2019 Lucy Stephan Rowing
2018 Melissa Tapper Table Tennis
2017 Britt Cox Mogul Skiing
2016 Kim Brennan AM Rowing
2015 Meg Lanning Cricket
2014 Belinda Hocking Swimming
2013 Kim Crow Rowing
2012 Kim Crow Rowing
2011 Ashleigh Brennan Gymnastics
2010 Lydia Lassila Aerial Skiing
2009 Sharelle McMahon Netball
2008 Leisel Jones Swimming
2007 Penny Jones Basketball
2006 Katie Mactier Cycling
2005 Katie Mactier Cycling
2004 Alisa Camplin Aerial Skiing
2003 Sarah Fitz-Gerald Squash
2002 Alisa Camplin Aerial Skiing
2001 Catherine Freeman Athletics
2000 Jacqui Cooper Aerial Skiing
1999 Joanne King Triathlon
1998 Catherine Freeman Athletics
Sarah Fitz-Gerald Squash
1997 Kirstie Marshall Skiing
1996 Catherine Freeman Athletics
Simone McKinnis Netball
1995 Catherine Freeman Athletics
1994 Danielle Woodward Slalom Kayaking
1993 Kathy Watt Cycling
1992 Kirstie Marshall Skiing
1991 Kirstie Marshall Skiing
1990 Kirstie Marshall Skiing
1989 Debbie Flintoff-King Athletics
1988 Debbie Flintoff-King Athletics
1987 Jenny Lidgett Yachting
1986 Debbie Flintoff-King Athletics
1985 Val Beddoe Diving
1984 Sue Hawkins Netball
1983 Sandra McCaw Golf
1982 Bev Francis Powerlifting
1981 Liz Blencow Canoeing
Bev Francis Powerlifting
1980 Margaret Caldow Netball
1979 Denise Boyd Athletics
1978 Gael Mulhall Athletics
1977 Margaret Jennings Cricket
1976 Charlene Rendina Athletics

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