2022 GameDay Sports Administrator of the Year -
Eunice Gill Award

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Nominations for the 2022 Victorian Sport Awards have now closed.

This award is open to Victorian sports administrators who have demonstrated an outstanding level of achievement during the 2022 calendar year at the State Sporting Association, Regional Sports Assembly, National Sporting Organisation (Victorian based) or Local Government Authority. The recipient’s contribution will have provided benefit to, or had a positive impact upon, an individual sport or the industry as a whole, and their standards of excellence will have distinguished them from peers.


To be eligible to be considered in this category, the nominee must:

  • Be employed (in a paid position) at a State Sporting Association, Regional Sports Assembly, National Sporting Organisation (Victorian based), Associations, Leagues, Regional Academies of Sport or in a Professional Sporting Team.

Selection Criteria:

  1. Outstanding achievement in the development and delivery of projects/initiatives to enable more Victorians to enjoy the benefits of sport
  2. The impact of their contribution/initiative to the individual sport
  3. The extent to which the individual has delivered beyond expectations

Selection Process & Voting:

For all information regarding selection and voting processes, return to the 2022 nominations information page here.

Previous Winners:

2021 Ayden Shaw Disability Sport & Recreation
2020 Lisa Hasker Vicsport
2019 Grant Cosgriff Triathlon
2018 Rosie King
Karen Pearce
2017 Belinda Kleverlaan Tennis
2016 Neil Dalrymple Bowls Australia
2015 Matthew Kennedy Tennis Victoria
2014 James Sutherland Cricket
2013 Kate Palmer Netball
2012 Andrew Demetriou AFL
2011 Max Wells Surfing
2010 Mark Rendell Football Federation Victoria
2009 Ray Allsop Australian Rules Football
2008 Neil Morarty Lifesaving
2007 Anne George Netball
2006 Judith Yates Hockey
2005 Dawn Wilcox Women's Sport and Recreation
2004 Ron Steiner Rugby Union
2003 Julie Savage Women's Cricket
2002 Geoff Miles Soccer
2001 Steven Robertson Surfing
2000 Prof. David Shilbury Deakin University
1999 Lindsay Gaze Basketball
1998 Russell Hooper Netball
1997 Nigel Taylor Surf Lifesaving
1996 Doug Fox Golf
1995 Ron Bongetti Swimming
1994 Mary Wilson ACHPER
1993 Susie Norton Oz Tennis
1992 Kay Mahlook Golf
1991 Margaret Lonsdale Western Region Sports Assembly
1990 Valerie Morrison Netball
1989 Jess Ferguson Hockey
1988 Valerie Styles Women's Cricket
1987 Peg Park Badminton

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