2017 Sports Accounting Australia
Victorian Community Official of the Year
Muriel Aberline - Swimming

Muriel has been a swimming official at club, district, state and national level. Muriel officiates regularly at local swim meets in Warrnambool in the Barwon South West district. Murial has officiated at state swimming meets including the Swimming Victoria’s Country Inter-district competition and Victorian Country Championships. Muriels's current qualifications include: Timekeeper, Chief Timekeeper, Inspector of Turns, Judge of Strokes and a Finish Judge. Muriel is a senior Technical Official in her district and plays a key role in the recruitment, training, assessing and mentoring of new and current officials.

Interview with Rowie Webster

L-E: Steven Gatt (Sports Accounting Australia, Muriel Aberline, Hon John Eren MP, Minister for Sport)

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