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Victorian Community Sporting Event of the Year
Eltham-Dandenong Junior Basketball Tournament - Basketball

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Growing annually, the Eltham-Dandenong Junior Basketball Tournament is the largest of its kind in the world, attracting 1,209 teams to the event in January 2017. This includes 11,500 junior participants registered to play, plus 1,170 coaches, nearly 500 referees across approximately 120 basketball courts throughout Melbourne. It is currently the largest tournament of its kind in the world, to the knowledge of organisers. An All Abilities grade of competition, the only of its kind in Australia to run alongside the mainstream competitions from New Zealand and from every state and territory of Australia. Local business throughout Melbourne has benefited significantly by hiring school facilities particularly in the north-east providing them and other community groups (scouts, sports clubs etc) with the opportunity to run BBQ's and other stalls at the stadiums so they can also financially benefit from the event and keep community groups functioning at a low cost for participants.



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